RSG Solutions

October 24, 2022

By Suzy Kim, Director

At the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (“NPH”) conference on October 3, RSG asked affordable housing developers: What is the largest impediment to housing production?

These were their answers:

  • The lengthy approval process
  • The community!
  • Voter support driving political will
  • Getting projects past city councils
  • High cost
  • Financing schedules not lining up
  • High bars to meet for funding
  • Lack of public investment for capital, operations, and services

Like all development, high costs, NIMBYism, and the entitlement and permitting process were big barriers. What can public agencies do to help? This table presents tips from both developers and city representatives at the conference.

Chart of affordable housing strategies

These strategies range from immediate, attainable actions like holding staff meetings to give consistent comments on housing development applications, to adopting larger policies that provide a new local funding source for affordable housing.

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