Senior Analyst

What I love About Work

“I am passionate about building thriving communities through engagement and strategic planning that improves accessibility to stable housing, supportive services, and economic opportunities for all community members. Through my work, I hope to provide resources and solutions that promote equity and empower communities to determine their own futures."



Assisting the City of Jurupa Valley in negotiating community benefits for two upcoming multi-use specific plan development projects. This includes evaluating the constructions costs of both specific plans and analyzing the City’s historic practices regarding community benefits in order to make recommendations that will provide the City with adequate return for development impacts while still encouraging new development in the region.

Analyzed business data on employment and growth projections, location quotient, and high wage jobs for the City of Irwindale in order to help the City identify priority industry sectors within the City and develop a targeted business retention and outreach strategy.

Assisting the City of Jurupa Valley in negotiating community benefits on two large, multi-use specific plan development projects. Consulted the City on negotiation strategy and provided calculations of proposed terms so that the City and developer team could better evaluate the fiscal impact of proposed community benefits over the long term.

Assisting the City of San Carlos in updating their current General Plan to account for new growth and meet the City’s economic and housing needs. This includes collecting and analyzing data on the office, retail, and industrial industries in San Carlos to project future demand for development in these industry sectors compared to expected population and housing growth, working with the City to understand and map incoming development projects so that we can understand how the City will meet future demand and where that growth will occur.


Assisted the City of Fresno in evaluating their Eviction Protection Program in order to make recommendations regarding the continued funding and administration of the program. Analyzed mediation case data and survey results to identify community priorities.

Assisted the City of San Jose in evaluating the efficacy of their Rent Stabilization Program including analyzing census and rent registry data to identify trends in housing stability.

Planned and facilitated engaging community outreach meetings focused on gathering feedback from tenant and landlord groups in the Cities of San Jose and Concord to ensure that community voices were heard in the process of creating and improving the Cities’ rent stabilization ordinances.

Working with the City of Concord staff to analyze comparable local rent stabilization and tenant protection ordinances in order to develop policy recommendations and help the City meet tenant and landlord needs.

Conducted annual desk monitoring of affordable properties in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties including analyzing affordable rents, reviewing income certification materials, and making recommendations to property managers to ensure that affordable properties are in compliance with state and federal requirements.

Provided assistance to the owners and residents of a closing mobile home park in Carson to ensure that residents are able to relocate to suitable and affordable housing.

Conducted housing market research in Chula Vista in order to compare and evaluate three separate middle income housing proposals being considered by the City and provide the City with an analysis of the assumptions in the proformas.

Reviewed submitted applications to an affordable housing NOFA issued by Santa Rosa in order to score the applications based on criteria outlined in the NOFA as well as research on comparable Tax Credit and other funding program award data and presented funding recommendations to an Ad Hoc Committee.

Prepared Housing Successor Annual Reports which detail Housing Successors’ compliance with various housing asset and expenditure requirements outlined in the Health and Safety Code (“HSC”) Section 34176.1.

Conducted Neighborhood Standards Reviews for multiple projects in the Cities of Fontana and El Monte as part of the Subsidy Layering Review process required of federally funded projects. This included analyzing local demographics to ensure that new housing projects are not being placed in minority concentrated neighborhoods and have adequate amenities nearby, in addition to using ArcGIS and county data to develop a map of surrounding zip codes displaying minority concentrated neighborhoods.


Assisted the City of Atwater in the disposition of two properties including preparing prepared SLA exemption documents and a Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Provide analysis and project assistance in negotiations of the Willowbrook Joint Development Project between LA County, Charles Drew University, and Compton.

Reviewed RFP submissions for affordable housing funding requests for the County of San Diego to evaluate the feasibility of the developer’s proposal and project funding so that the County could make informed decisions on how to allocate available funds.

Unified School District, including corresponding with project partners, drafting agendas, reviewing developer materials, and analyzing finance reports.


Prepared Annual Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule Reports (ROPS) for the City of Atwater and audited financial records going back to 2014 in order to correct funds that have historically been transferred and used for ROPS items.

Analyzed the fiscal impact of a mixed-use development in Commerce, and multi-family projects in Placentia and Dana Point to assess additional revenues that would be collected by the City over a thirty-year period as well as additional full time employment generated by the projects using the IMPLAN model.

Support ongoing efforts to help with the dissolution of the March Joint Powers Authority, including the disbursement of the Authority’s financial assets and liabilities, reassignment of municipal services within the JPA, and preparing presentations and recommendations to be reviewed by the Technical Advisory Committee.