RSG Solutions



Managing CALED’s Local Economic Advisory Program (LEAP), which provides technical assistance to cities and counties regarding specific economic development challenges facing their communities.

Analyzed the City of Carlsbad’s levels of custodial services at City facilities, compared the City’s levels of service to both industry standards and the levels of service provided in peer cities, and provided recommendations to the Public Works Department on improving custodial services.

Assisted the City of Westminster in developing and implementing a small business grant program during the COVID-19 pandemic. Assistance included program design, creation of application and eligibility certification forms, application review, application selection via lottery, and communication with applicants.


Evaluated multifamily residential development proposals submitted in response to County of San Diego and City of Murrieta Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs) and provided recommendations regarding whether to provide the funding requested by the applicants. Conducted a comprehensive analysis of each project, including the development budget, proposed funding sources, and cash flow projections.

Analyzed the financial capacity of a developer receiving gap financing from the County of San Diego for a multifamily residential project. The analysis included reviewing the developer’s audited financials and assessing the developer’s financial health and capacity using various industry benchmarks.

Annually prepares the City of Irwindale’s Housing Authority Annual Report and Housing Successor Compliance Report (“SB 341 Report”) and assists City staff in ensuring compliance with State requirements.

Performed housing market analysis legally required to support an update to the City of Agoura Hills’ residential impact fee schedule.

Conducted an analysis and provided recommendations to support an update to the City of Montclair’s inclusionary housing requirements and in-lieu fees.

Completed legally required density bonus technical analyses and peer reviews of other firms’ analyses for several residential and mixed-use development applications in the City of Los Angeles, demonstrating the need for requested off-menu incentives.

Staffed the mobilehome rent control program in the City of Carson, which entails preparing detailed analyses of park expenses and a list of options of justifiable rent increase amounts for the City’s Mobilehome Rental Review Board and regularly corresponding and meeting with residents of 21 mobilehome parks.

Assisted staff and legal counsel in the Cities of El Monte, Escondido, and Oceanside in administering their mobilehome rent control programs by conducting the detailed analysis required to process fair return rent increase applications submitted by mobilehome park owners.

Assisted affordable housing developers with identifying potential project funding sources and analyzing the competitiveness of their proposed project.

Assisted the County of San Diego with establishing an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) subsidy program. Analysis included researching ADU subsidy programs in comparable jurisdictions and assessing demand in the County for ADU development.

Conducted a site assessment and market study for the County of San Diego to identify the parameters by which a proposed affordable housing project could be developed on the site and determine the level of local demand for the development.

Assisted the County of San Diego in developing a rental assistance program during the COVID-19 pandemic by estimating the magnitude of need among “mom and pop” residential landlords affected by significant delinquencies in rental payments during the pandemic.

Provided relocation assistance to residents of a 225-space mobilehome park in the city of Carson. Work includes counseling residents one-on-one, verifying household incomes, and drafting correspondence to residents regarding relocation benefit options.

Review annual registration documents submitted by owners of mobilehome parks in the City of Palmdale and communicate back-and-forth with the owners until registration is completed pursuant to City requirements.


Managed the two-year process of selling several of the City of Irwindale’s former RDA properties listed in their Long-Range Property Management Plan, resulting in significant revenue for the City and other taxing entities.

Reviewed several commercial and mixed-use development proposals submitted to the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD) to advise the City on the feasibility of each proposal.

Represented the Palmdale Housing Authority as their real estate agent in the purchase of a residence proposed to be demolished and redeveloped with affordable housing. RSG also represented the City of Palmdale in their purchase of a blighted commercial property proposed to be demolished.


Projected the financial feasibility and fiscal and economic impacts of a $123 million hotel proposed to be located in downtown Los Angeles to assist the City in negotiating a subvention agreement with the developer.

Analyzed the fiscal impacts of a proposal to develop a 535-acre area of Chula Vista adjacent to the San Diego Bay. The proposed mixed-use development included a $1.2 billion resort hotel and convention center, an existing motel that recently underwent renovation, and a new destination RV park. RSG’s analysis was used to determine the financial feasibility of the City issuing long-term debt to finance a portion of the construction.

Projected the financial feasibility and fiscal and economic impacts of a $828 million mixed-use development proposed to be located in downtown Los Angeles to assist the City in negotiating a subvention agreement with the developer.

Projected city revenues and expenditures that would be generated by proposed mixed-use developments in Downey, Fullerton, Tustin, and Basking Ridge, New Jersey to estimate the projects’ fiscal impact on the respective cities.

Estimated financial impacts of the potential dissolution of the March JPA for the purpose of advising the member agencies in negotiations. The analysis included projecting funds available for distribution to each member agency and comparing the fiscal impacts of various alternatives under consideration.

Analyzed the feasibility of creating a tax increment financing district in El Monte. Analysis included developing four scenarios for a potential district and projecting tax increment for each scenario.

Drafted the City of Los Angeles’ policy for establishing Enhanced Infrastructure Finance Districts (EIFDs) and created a user-friendly Excel “app” that enables City staff to project the amount of tax increment that would be generated by a proposed EIFD.

Prepared fiscal consultant reports related to bond refinancing for multiple California Cities such as Camarillo, Hawthorne, Hollister, Murrieta, Orange County, and San Marcos successor agencies to substantiate available tax revenues to be generated from the respective Project Areas.

Annually prepare Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS) and related staff reports and resolutions for several clients. Assistance includes detailed correspondence with County Auditor-Controller and State Department of Finance staff during their reviews.