Business Administrator

What I love About Work

"Being a part of the RSG team is inspiring me to learn and grow in my own role. Their mission to create stronger communities that in turn, achieve bolder futures is not only valued, but it proves to be true in all aspects of this company. I am fortunate to be a part of their team knowing they take pride in helping communities across California."


As the Business Administrator for RSG, Crystal is responsible for the day to day management of the office. Her role involves performing business administrative tasks including client and contract management, documentation retention, invoicing preparation, and billing resolution.  In addition to this, Crystal also acts as the point of contact for all human resources related matters for the staff.

Crystal joined RSG in 2020. With a B.A in Liberal Studies, Crystal’s professional experience spans over 12 years.  Before joining RSG, Crystal worked as a schoolteacher and then took on the role of Office Manager for a small business where she worked for about 9 years. During her time in these roles, she has learned a variety of skills including communication, organization, process improvement, and project management – all essential to helping an office run smoothly and efficiently.