RSG Solutions



Provided analytical support to develop a Business Attraction and Retention Strategy for the City of Anaheim.

Performed research and analysis to develop a Local Economic Development Strategy in the City of South Gate and managed preparation of the City’s Annual Economic Development Progress Report.

Conducted research, analysis, and interviews with community members to develop effective retail marketing materials for the City of Westminster.

Assisted in organizing a panel of economic development experts for the Local Economic Advisory Program for the City of South Gate, which provided the City recommendations and assistance to address economic development challenges within the community.

Analyzed developer qualifications, cash flows, and land use concepts for the joint development of a former elementary school site in Willowbrook in partnership with the County of Los Angeles and Compton Unified School District.

Performed analysis and facilitated stakeholder meetings to develop an Economic Revitalization and Development Strategy for the City of Carlsbad.


Prepared and distributed a Request for Proposals, analyzed developer responses, and drafted agreements for the City of Murrieta, resulting in a 200-unit multi-generational affordable housing development.

Assisted with deal structuring and drafting term sheets, Purchase and Sale Agreements, and Affordable Housing Loan Agreements for the disposition and development of two affordable ownership housing projects in the City of South Gate.

Prepared an affordable housing development programming and feasibility analysis and Request for Proposals soliciting affordable housing proposals for the City of Thousand Oaks. Subsequently evaluated development proposals and provided recommendations to the City, resulting in the selection of a 78-unit affordable homeownership project.

Evaluated a developer’s request to refinance a conventional loan and amend controlling documents for an affordable housing project in the City of Murrieta, which resulted in the Murrieta Housing Authority receiving a lump sum payment, earning increased annual residual receipt payments, and ensuring the project units remained affordable.

Prepared a memorandum for the County of San Diego evaluating potential program structure options and key considerations for a Pilot Workforce Housing Program.

Evaluated responses to the County of San Diego Notice of Funding Availability and made recommendations as to whether the requested funding should be distributed based on the feasibility of the project.

Performed a relocation cost analysis and managed the relocation of 16 residential tenants at the future site of a Permanent Supportive Housing project in the City of San Clemente.

Performed relocation oversight for 3 motel conversions utilizing State and Federal funding to ensure the affordable housing developer relocated the motel tenants in compliance with applicable relocation laws for the County of Orange.

Annually prepares the Housing Authority and Housing Successor Compliance Reports for the City of Murrieta, City of El Monte, City of South Gate, and City of Avalon and assists City staff in ensuring compliance with housing regulations.


Worked with the Cities of El Monte, South Gate, Coalinga, Thousand Oaks, and Murrieta on the disposition of 10 surplus properties and 4 properties declared as exempt surplus.

Quantified the potential community benefits generated from the proposed Willowbrook Joint Development project and West LA Civic Center Courthouse redevelopment projects for the County of Los Angeles.

Analyzed the impacts of prevailing wage and a project labor agreement on overall development feasibility for the proposed West LA Civic Center Courthouse redevelopment project.

Worked with the Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department to provide a comprehensive pro forma analysis of the proposed Bethune mixed-use development in Los Angeles.

Provided commercial relocation services for the City of South Gate by facilitating relocation meetings and conducting comparable replacement unit research.

Conducted market analyses for the City of Downey and Los Angeles County Development Authority to identify real estate trends and opportunities and align strategic planning goals with land use policies.

Prepared fair market rental valuations for a ground lease in Marina Del Rey for developer AMLI Residential.

Evaluated development proposals for the disposition and redevelopment of a mixed-use project at the West LA Courthouse and Civic Center site for the City and County of Los Angeles.

Conducted market research and evaluated the feasibility of repositioning or repurposing the Business Technology Center owned by the Los Angeles Community Development Authority.

Created an Offering Memorandum to dispose of two properties in the City of Murrieta in a coordinated manner in order to provide funds for a 200-unit multi-generational affordable housing development.

Managed acquisition and site assembly efforts to facilitate the development of an affordable ownership project in the City of South Gate.

Created and distributed a Request for Qualifications to solicit offers from qualified parties to purchase and develop 4 noncontiguous properties located along the Lincoln Avenue Corridor in a coordinated manner in the unincorporated community of Altadena.

Analyze financial statements for two affordable housing developments in the City of Murrieta annually to ensure the developer is in compliance with controlling documents and the calculation of residual receipts accurately reflects the terms under the ground lease.


Analyzed the financial feasibility and projected the economic and fiscal impacts of a proposed hotel development to assist the City of Los Angeles in negotiating an incentive agreement with the developer.

Provide annual consulting services to 6 Successor Agencies. Assistance includes preparation of Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules and agenda materials, cash flow analyses, cash balance reconciliation analyses, and correspondence with the County Auditor-Controller and the State Department of Finance.

Prepared a Fiscal Consultants Report for a bond refunding in the City of Pico Rivera, which included analysis of financial trends and projected revenues to determine bond debt service coverage.