RSG Solutions

August 31, 2023

By Dianna Dunne-Vecchio, Content Writer and Marketing Manager

What’s that you say? Wonderful new employees! We’d love to introduce Sonia Ochoa, Executive Assistant, and Joshua Lewis, Research Assistant, to the RSG team. They have been fearless in taking on what comes their way and have made such a positive impact on our clients and staff already. We know that their futures are bright!


Sonia joined RSG in March 2023 and hit the ground running ever since! She provides direct support to the principals so that nothing falls through the cracks and contributes to business development, staff and client project management, conference planning, calendar management, IT management, and ongoing marketing needs. She wears too many hats to count and knows how to swap them quickly and efficiently.

Her attention to detail and ability to effectively coordinate and lead projects, coupled with her excellent communication and organizational skills, enables her to collaborate with teams and ensure the successful execution of tasks. Additionally, her event planning skills help her orchestrate memorable and impactful experiences for RSG staff and clients.

“Empowering communities with every project I lead, I use my management skills not just to organize tasks, but to uplift lives. For me, true project success extends beyond deadlines; it’s about the enduring positive change we leave behind.”

Some of Sonia’s hobbies include lounging on the beach during the summer and surfing with friends, though she claims she rarely catches any waves, especially in California. In the winter, she enjoys snowboarding, even if she occasionally finds herself tumbling down a black diamond — but we commend her courage and effort! Also, she loves listening to Taylor Swift on the daily.


Joshua came to RSG in 2023 after graduating from his master’s program. He previously worked as an Intern in the Bay Area Housing Internship Program, as a Graduate Student for California Energy Commission, and as a Junior Associate Consultant in San Diego. Joshua is committed to using his education, technical abilities, and his experience in affordable housing, development, renewable energy facility review, and transportation consulting to serve communities across California.

Joshua has already supported several housing and real estate engagements at RSG. Most recently, he conducted a Real Estate Property Inventory in Redwood City, gathered and analyzed data to assist Concord in creating a Rent Stabilization Ordinance, and conducted compliance monitoring in Huntington Beach, including file audits and unit inspections. He has also provided relocation assistance in Carson and Solana Beach.

“I am passionate about contributing to solutions for housing and community development challenges. I believe housing is a basic human right and look forward to helping shape vulnerable communities.”

Joshua loves attending motorsport events like drag racing and drifting. He has been a car enthusiast since a child and plans to build a classic car of his own. He also enjoys going biking, playing recreational sports, and hiking in Los Angeles with friends.

Welcome to the team, Sonia and Joshua!