Fiscal Health

For RSG, fiscal health is about more than just numbers—it’s about community livelihood. A local government with a robust fiscal health is able to fully function to meet the needs of its residents and businesses, while struggling must meet the same demands but with limited capability. Our clients’ needs are diverse, and their engagements all require an advisor who understands the complexities of public finance and can deliver thorough and reliable forecasts on time. 

Underprivileged cities lack the financial resources required to help build and sustain communities capable of offering their residents basic amenities like municipal services, senior services, economic development programs and affordable housing. Through our fiscal health services, we strive to pave the way for those communities and help them obtain access to the same services as communities who do not face those same struggles. Our overall goal is to help empower cities by providing them with the tools they need to help their communities thrive and have access to the resources needed to secure sustainability and quality of life. 

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