RSG Solutions

RSG, Inc. is pleased to convey our support for SB 780, which proposes helpful changes and clarifications to improve the functioning and usefulness of Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs) and Community Revitalization Investment Authorities (CRIAs). As a community development consulting firm working with dozens of California cities, we have first-hand knowledge of the need for additional local tools to make the use of EIFDs and CRIAs more widespread, particularly since not one CRIA has been formed yet.

Since the elimination of local redevelopment agencies, local governments are faced with limited options to improve infrastructure, attract and retain jobs, and build affordable housing. EIFDs and CRIAs are tax increment tool options for communities to consider. Given that tax increment from these measures can take years to accumulate, we appreciate the effort to address practical implementation issues that arise as practitioners carefully evaluate these tools. Collectively, we believe these changes and clarifications will facilitate the use of these tools and help advance local economic development efforts.

We are working with several jurisdictions across the state on implementing a CRIA or EIFD to provide them additional tools to revitalize their communities. The proposed changes in the law will benefit communities by making these tax increment instruments more financially and politically feasible, allowing them to access much needed mechanisms for infrastructure, and in the case of a CRIA, affordable housing.