RSG Solutions

January 24, 2023

By Dianna Dunne-Vecchio, Content Writer and Marketing Manager

While closing out 2022, RSG added two amazing additions to the team who we’re thrilled to share with you! Eddie Flores and Jasmine Lam, Research Assistants, have jumped on the RSG train and are charging forward with determination and grace.


Eddie joined RSG ready to leverage his skills and knowledge to support community goals related to fiscal health, economic development, and affordable housing. He is a results-oriented and motivated young professional with experience in administrative, operational, and technical assignments. We appreciate that Eddie believes in responsibly working towards initiatives that fulfill RSG’s mission and goals.

Eddie previously served in the United States Marine Corps, and he is currently completing his second year as a graduate student at the University of Southern California with a major in Public Administration, focusing on public policy and city/county management. Eddie is passionate about strengthening his professional skills and knowledge to work efficiently, effectively, and ethically. While at RSG, he has already supported the relocation of residents from a mobile home park in Carson, analyzed and prepared rent increase reports for Pinole, and assisted in the preparation of the Housing Authority Annual Report and Housing Successor Compliance Report for Firebaugh, Lake Forest, and Irwindale.

“I enjoy supporting local and regional stakeholders in strengthening California cities by integrating sustainable planning, design, and policy solutions. With RSG, I am passionate about performing internal and centralized work to strategically engage in initiatives that put us in a position to optimize and use best practices for performance management.”

In his personal time, Eddie enjoys traveling with his significant other and going on adventures! Additionally, he loves spending time with his family, going to the gym, and reading. He was born and raised in Palm Springs; he has moved since high school, but occasionally spends time in the greater Palm Springs area visiting his family and friends.


Jasmine works out of RSG’s Bay Area office in Berkeley, bringing our total to four! Her professional experiences and educational background equip her with the technical and interpersonal skills to communicate empirical solutions to local government institutions. Her expertise lies in synthesizing data-based, economic models to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis within the public policy sector.

She previously worked as a data analyst and research assistant for impact assessment studies sponsored by the United Nations’ International Fund of Agricultural Development. Currently, Jasmine is pursuing her Micro Master’s in Data, Economic Development, and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In her time so far at RSG, Jasmine has assisted with a Subsidy Layering Review and underwriting a proposed affordable housing project in El Monte, researched community benefit plans for multiple commercial and residential projects in Southern California counties, and calculated negotiated pass-through payments for agreements between a former redevelopment agency and affected taxing agencies.

“I strive to improve social equity through research and evidence-based recommendations to public institutions. I value working with RSG to help improve the socio-economic resources available to communities across California.”

Outside of RSG, Jasmine loves to explore the Bay Area by biking with her partner. She enjoys various crafts such as baking, sewing, and gardening. She also looks forward to catching jazz, funk, and reggae concerts in the summer season—how fun! Jasmine was born and raised in the Bay Area and considers herself a local.

Welcome to the team, Eddie and Jasmine!