RSG Solutions

February 24, 2022

By Dianna Dunne-Vecchio, Content Writer and Marketing Manager

Our first Employee Spotlight of 2022 highlights Brandon Fender, Associate at RSG! Brandon was born in San Diego and grew up in Julian, a small town in the mountains east of San Diego. He studied landscape and architectural design at Mesa College then joined RSG as a part-time intern before completing a BA in Social Ecology from UC Irvine in 2009. His passion for the development of space and communities aligned with RSG’s line of work and values, which drew him to join RSG full time—lucky us!

However, another passion of Brandon’s had been “brewing” since college that brought him to a new entrepreneurial path, temporarily stepping away from RSG. What started out as a hobby of home brewing beer with his brother turned into the opening of the Good Beer Company in 2014, the first brewery and tasting room in Santa Ana. Brandon explained, “I appreciate the social aspect of ‘your local brewery’ and wanted to bring people together around beer. I also love that brewing can be both technical and artistic at the same time.”

After five years of success, from concept to business plan and fundraising, to brewing and distributing beer statewide, Brandon and his wife Robyn had their first son. With the challenges of a hands-on business while raising their son, they decided to sell the brewery and Brandon returned to RSG with a direct appreciation for the life of the small business owner, which he applies to his work at the firm.

Since his second stint at RSG in 2019, Brandon has specialized in providing support in real estate feasibility, economic and fiscal impact analyses, and housing administration. He feels most engaged when his research translates to solutions for local governments and access to healthy and safe environments for their citizens.

Even away from the office and without the brewery, Brandon’s still a busy bee! Back home in Julian, he’s been designing a house from the ground up on 14 acres of land, had his second son 2021, and was appointed to the local high school board. When he’s not spending time with family, planning and organizing the home construction, or helping with the local high school, he enjoys road cycling, keeping up with the San Diego Padres, and making beer.

What a range of talents, Brandon! We’re so thankful you chose to be part of the RSG family.