RSG Solutions

February 10, 2023

By Dianna Dunne-Vecchio, Content Writer and Marketing Manager

What a year of growth it has been! Throughout 2022, we were lucky enough to see five well-deserved promotions. We want to congratulate Director Dominique Clark and Analysts Samantha Wu Rose, Monroe Roush, Jocelyn Sanchez, and Jenny Benitez, for their hard-earned promotions! Our team shared some sentiments about their time at RSG and what’s propelled them to their new roles.

Dominique Clark, Director

Dominique joined RSG in 2013 and has shared her knowledge and proficiency in real estate, municipal finance, and affordable housing to advance client and community objectives. Dominique has fostered deep connections with her clients and has mentored countless RSG employees. She appreciates seeing everyone grow and move forward together!

“I love working in the world of mobilehome park rent stabilization. I remember attending my first rent increase hearing and watching RSG partner Tara Matthews provide testimony and being in awe of how she had all the answers to the Board’s questions ready and explained complicated calculations in a way that everyone could understand. And now I do that! It’s incredibly rewarding work. It’s a lot of math (which I love!) but it’s a delicate balance that has significant real-life impacts on a particularly vulnerable segment of property owners. I take that very seriously and am honored to do it. Additionally, I love our company culture and the people that I get to work with every day—both colleagues and clients. My coworkers are some of the smartest, funniest, and kindest human beings you’ll ever meet. I also get to support the public servants who staff our cities and counties and see just how hard they work and how much they care.”

Samantha Wu Rose, Analyst

Samantha hopped on the RSG train in 2021, bringing with her a background in urban planning and community development. She has expanded her analytic skills, discovered new tools and resources, and has become more confident in herself and her abilities to understand issues and help develop solutions. She’s worked on a variety of projects, including exposure in housing policy, financing, and economic strategic planning.

“I recently completed a study on HOME consortiums for a County Association of Governments. This included months of research and outreach to jurisdictions culminating in a report that provided recommendations on how they could utilize funds to best meet the housing needs of their region. This project felt like a huge accomplishment because of how critical the issue of housing is for so many communities and that fact that the information could help those who may be interested in HOME Consortiums in the future. Getting to implement what I have picked up from past projects onto a new assignment is really fulfilling; I know exactly what is needed and how to approach it. I’m thrilled to keep developing my knowledge and continuing to help our clients and communities.”

Monroe Roush, Analyst

In 2021, Monroe came to RSG with a professional and academic background in local government initiatives, which has strengthened her use of data analysis and research to better understand and support community needs. While looking ahead, she’s eager to collaborate with clients more directly; she enjoys working with others who are passionate about helping their communities and gaining insight from those who have different professional experiences than her.

“I’ve learned so much about all-things local government during my time at RSG. Not only has my knowledge base increased, but I’ve also become a better writer and researcher. I’ve presented to City Council, which was an amazing chance to see local government in action and the impact RSG’s work has on the communities we serve. Additionally, I really enjoy working with my coworkers to find creative solutions for our clients! Our group at RSG is amazing and I’m excited to continue building our team.”

Jocelyn Sanchez, Analyst

Jocelyn came aboard RSG in 2021, bringing with them a background in sustainability, urban planning, community outreach, and poverty alleviation. As Jocelyn looks forward, they’re excited for the opportunity to strengthen their skills as a leader and build profound relationships with their clients and communities.

“One of my biggest accomplishments at RSG was leading a team for a Slum-Blight Map survey and using the data obtained to create a tool that the city can use for investing funds in the community. This project allowed me to reinforce my leadership skills, work directly within the community, and form genuine relationships with my colleagues. Seeing my work create change in our local communities is my favorite part of my job. Regardless of the project, knowing that I will have a positive impact encourages me to keep digging deeper.”

Jenny Benitez, Analyst

In the beginning of 2022, Jenny joined RSG with a research background in the trade and transportation sector and developed her skills and interests in econometrics, statistics, analytics, and the role of data in problem-solving. Jenny is eager to continue learning about community development as well as the unique characteristics of the cities she has the pleasure of working with.

“Having ‘eureka’ moments and breakthroughs on problems in projects or seeing a report come together through collaborative writing are probably some of my favorite parts of my job. I’ve grown to deeply understand the importance of coordination and collaboration. As much as I love analytical work and writing, it’s the clarity in communication and putting effort into coordination that brings things to fruition. Results, goals, and expectations must be shared in a way everyone understands. Additionally, I appreciate that I’ve gained so much experience already, especially in the realms of affordable housing and economic development.”

We love seeing our employees grow and continue to bring their enthusiasm and generosity toward serving communities across California!