RSG Solutions

May 9, 2024 

By Monroe Roush, Senior Analyst 

The City of Santa Rosa has grown over the past decade, and that growth has brought both opportunities and challenges to the community when it comes to the provision of services. RSG worked with the Sonoma County Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCO”) on a Municipal Service Review (“MSR”) and Sphere of Influence (“SOI”) update to evaluate the services currently provided by Santa Rosa, as well as to assess the need for any changes to the City’s SOI.

The final MSR is a culmination of extensive research and collaboration with multiple stakeholders, including City and LAFCO staff. It incorporates demographic and fiscal data along with qualitative information in order to make determinations about service provision in the City. RSG additionally recommended that LAFCO approve a change to the City’s SOI to be coterminous with its Urban Growth Boundary (“UGB”).

An SOI defines the area outside a city’s boundaries that may be annexed in the future for urban development. It is an important tool for local governments, guiding decisions on infrastructure, land use, and resource allocation. Sonoma LAFCO updated the City’s sphere of influence on its May 1 LAFCO Commission meeting to conform with its UGB, a voter-approved boundary which informs the planning process. This update will help ensure that Santa Rosa’s planning process and service provision are aligned with the actual present and future needs of the community.

RSG brings expertise in data analysis and the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act to help LAFCOs around the state efficiently manage their legislative requirements to promote efficient service delivery. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationships with LAFCOs and their jurisdictions to serve our community!