RSG Solutions

Santa Ana

In 2021, Santa Ana became the first city in Orange County with a rent stabilization ordinance. RSG helped announce and launch the City’s Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Eviction Ordinance by creating a press release, website content, letter to property owners, informational flyers, and public workshops.  RSG collaborated with the City Attorney to create a form of written notice and fair return petition application that complies with local policies and State law. RSG currently provides interim staffing of the public counter and hotline five days a week to answer questions from the public.  RSG also helps train new city staff hired to implement the program.  RSG most recently prepared a long-term implementation plan to help City staff administer the program that ultimately led to the City Council adopting an amended Ordinance. RSG will provide ongoing support to prepare and distribute allowable rent increase amounts (the lesser of 3% per annum of 80% of the change in CPI), review fair return rent increase petitions, and respond to tenant complaints.