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In 2011, RSG conducted an audit of the City of Carson’s mobilehome rent control ordinance.  The audit reviewed the City’s ordinance and procedures and analyzed historical data to recommend revised rent increase application process and procedures.  The process resulted in the City adopting an automatic consumer price index annual rent adjustment.  

Since 2017, RSG Principal Tara Matthews has served as the City’s Interim Housing Program Manager. In this role, she administers the City’s mobilehome park rent control program. The scope of services includes the following:   

Rent Increase Application Review and Processing

RSG reviews all applications submitted by park owners seeking either a capital improvement or a fair return rent increase. RSG ensures that each application is complete and adheres to the Program guidelines. This review includes closely evaluating each of the expenses submitted by the park owner to ensure that each reported expense is reasonable, accurate, and sufficiently documented. RSG’s work includes frequent communication with park owners and residents, as well as collaboration with the City’s legal counsel.  

Resident Noticing

Once an application is deemed complete, RSG prepares required noticing for the park residents and is available to answer any questions that the park residents may have. RSG is available for on-site visits as needed to allow park residents an opportunity to review the application and ask in-person questions.    

Park Inspections

The processing of each application requires an inspection of the mobilehome park which entails visually inspecting the condition of the park (for fair return rent increase applications) or verifying the completion and quality of improvements to the park (for capital improvement rent increase applications).  The findings of the inspection are included in the staff report present to the Mobilehome Rental Review Board (“Board”). One of the City’s contract inspectors accompanies RSG at these inspections to provide expertise on the park conditions and improvements. 

Public Hearing

RSG prepares the public hearing notices mailed to park residents. RSG also prepares the staff reports presented to the Board for consideration at the public hearings. Each staff report includes all material facts related to the application and outlines various rent increase options for the Board to consider. RSG attends all public hearings to present information to the Board and answer any questions posed by the Board. 

Point of Contact

RSG responds to general inquiries from park owners, park residents, and the general public regarding the City’s mobilehome park rent control program.