RSG Solutions

Orange Cove

RSG has provided Housing Successor Agency Consulting Services to Orange Cove since 2016. Services include:

SB 341 Reporting

RSG prepares the Housing Successor Agency Annual Report due to HCD by April 1 every year. RSG ensures the report includes all items required by Health and Safety Code Section 34176.1 while also providing a useful document that identifies affordable housing resources and needs. It summarizes annual financial activity, details affordable housing efforts, identifies property disposition needs, and maintains an affordable housing inventory. RSG has helped the City identify underutilized housing funds, which led to the creation of a housing rehabilitation grant program for low-income homeowners.

Housing Rehabilitation Grant Program

The City of Orange Cove had over $300,000 in underutilized housing bond proceeds available to spend on affordable housing efforts. RSG collaborated with City staff to design a rehabilitation grant program for low-income homeowners funded by bond proceeds. RSG worked with staff and legal counsel to create procedures and parameters for the Program. This includes identifying application procedures, income guidelines and eligibility criteria, eligible rehabilitation improvements (capital improvements, etc.), required documentation to verify incomes and the cost and scope of improvements, and grant terms (grant without repayment as long as terms are met). RSG drafted Program Guidelines, brochures, homeowner agreements, and contractor agreements in both English and Spanish. Our Spanish-speaking staff was invaluable in consulting with applicants while implementing the program. RSG reviewed applications and backup data to ensure completeness and validity. Once the applications were deemed complete, RSG determined the applicant’s eligibility based on income and other criteria and issued determination letters. RSG assisted City staff in determining if vendors could be paid directly or if applicants would be reimbursed and the protocol involved. RSG then prepared all grant documents and affordability covenants for the borrower and City to execute.