RSG Solutions


RSG has been providing housing consulting services to the City of Pinole since 2015. Services performed during this time include:

Housing Fund Expenditure Strategy

In 2017, RSG evaluated the City’s housing needs to recommend a Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Fund expenditure plan to the City Council. RSG analyzed available assets and historic activity to recommend expenditure options that aligned with Council direction and the City’s affordable housing objectives, while also meeting legal requirements on how Housing Asset Funds may be spent. RSG advised the City to extend its deadline to develop or dispose of former redevelopment agency properties from five to ten years and provided guidelines on spending funds by income level and age to ensure legal compliance.

Property Disposition & Development

RSG issued a Notice of Funding Availability / Request for Proposals to solicit proposals to develop affordable housing using available Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Funds and a vacant Housing Successor property. RSG reviewed development proposals to ensure the proposed developers had the capacity, experience, and required underwriting to complete the project. Additionally, RSG reviewed and managed necessary agreements and negotiations pertaining to the disposition and development of property.

Surplus Lands

In 2020, RSG drafted and issued a Notice of Availability of Surplus Land for four former redevelopment agency properties. RSG responded to inquiries to ensure the City complies with recent amendments to the Surplus Lands Act.

Offering Memorandum

RSG is assisting Pinole dispose of four former redevelopment agency properties. An Offering Memorandum marketing the properties has been posted on CoStar and LoopNet, the nation’s premier commercial real estate listing services, and forwarded to developers that are active in the region. RSG hosts weekly property viewings, responds to buyer inquiries, and will help the City review offers and negotiate disposition agreements. RSG is driven by prioritizing City goals and community needs rather than simply making a broker commission.

Annual Reporting

RSG prepares Pinole’s Housing Successor Agency (SB 341) Annual Reports and conducts multifamily rental compliance monitoring.