RSG Solutions

Placer LAFCO

RSG was retained by Placer LAFCO in 2015 to prepare a comprehensive fiscal analysis (“CFA”) for the proposed incorporation of Olympic Valley, located in eastern Placer County near Lake Tahoe. The fiscal analysis entailed evaluation of a particularly unique community – one with a very small permanent resident population (less than 1,000 full-time residents) and a very large seasonal population (by some measures at least 10,000), coupled with a relatively substantial expansion of the Squaw Valley Resort with additional lodging, commercial, and recreational uses that was concurrently being processed by the County Planning Department. The fiscal analysis concluded that the Town would not likely be feasible for incorporation for many reasons, which led to several contentious meetings with a divided community. Unique to this process was a pre-emptive request for the CFA review prior to the public review draft being released to the public. The State Controller upheld the CFA findings after which the incorporation proponents withdrew their application.