RSG to Lead the MSR and SOI Update for All Cities in Riverside County

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On Thursday, September 24, 2020, the Riverside County Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCO”) selected RSG to lead the Municipal Service Review (“MSR”) and Sphere of Influence (“SOI”) update for all cities in Riverside County. MSRs are intended to serve as a tool to help LAFCO, local agencies, and the public to better understand the public service structure.  Additionally, they are also used to develop information to assist in updating the SOIs of local agencies in Riverside County. The Riverside County LAFCO MSR will include the analysis and review of 18 different municipal service areas in all 28 cities located in Riverside County, including law enforcement, fire protection, streets and roads, building and housing, and more.

Working within the 2000 Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act (“CKH Act”), LAFCOs are required to complete MSRs every five (5) years, including reviews and updates to SOIs for each city and special district. The CKH Act requires that LAFCOs make determinations on seven (7) topics related to MSRs and five (5) topics related to SOIs. The MSR determinations cover growth and population projections, identification of disadvantaged unincorporated communities, public facilities, services and infrastructure capacities, financial abilities, shared facility statuses and opportunities, community service needs, and any other matter related to effective and efficient service delivery. Meanwhile, the SOI Review determinations include land uses, the need for public facilities and services, the capacity of facilities and adequacy of services, identification of social or economic communities of interest, and the need for facilities and services in disadvantaged unincorporated communities.

One element of RSG’s proposal that stood out to LAFCO staff was our “Fiscal DNA” model that has aided elected officials, staff, and the general public in understanding and measuring a city’s revenue composition. The Fiscal DNA tool helps cities consider the fiscal impacts of development projects, understand economic development priorities, and make other strategic decisions.

 If you have questions about the Riverside LAFCO MSR and SOI Review, or how RSG can assist your LAFCO, City, or agency, please contact Jim Simon, Principal at