RSG Stands With You Against Injustice

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RSG stands with the Black Community in the fight and right to end the systemic racial injustice that has plagued our country for hundreds of years, and sadly, still does to this day as has been demonstrated in the recent senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmuad Arbery, and so many more who have had their lives lost before them.  While it is difficult to find the right words to express the anger and sorrow the nation is feeling at the hands of witnessing history repeating itself time and time again when it comes to these inexcusable acts of violence against the Black Community, it is important now more than ever to refrain from staying silent for fear of not knowing what to say. 
Now is the time for all of us, on a local, national, and global level, to stand together in the fight against racism and injustice!  We can all play a part in finding a way to eradicate the systemic racism that has plagued our world for far too long.  Whether you choose to stand with your fellow Black brothers and sisters on the protest line, or write to your local and state leaders demanding reform in the way of how brutality and injustice within the legal system has become a regular practice imparted on minorities, you have a voice that when combined with the voices of all the others who stand against racism, can help stomp this out. 

And we feel it is important to point out that this long standing practice of injustice is not something that merely exists within the parameters of the legal system, but can be seen amongst the hardships experienced by entrepreneurs of color, the lack of housing experienced by minorities, and in so many other facets of life.  Equally important to point out is that this is not just a problem unique to a few communities.  The solutions to these widescale issues lie within every community and those who help to shape every facet of life we encounter on a daily basis.   Not only is now the time to speak up, but for our leaders, now is the time to listen to the voices of your constituents, place those voices on a pedestal, and turn those words into actions immediately!
Our tag line reads “Better Communities. Bolder Futures.”  But to RSG this is so much more than just a tag line.  To RSG this statement means building better communities where all residents have the same access to an equitable existence regardless of the color of their skin and creating bolder futures in which stories of brutality and injustice against the Black Community and all minorities have become events of the past that have lent themselves as lessons to shape a more just and righteous future. 

Our firm was built 40 years ago on the overarching belief that quality of life was a right, not something reserved for people based on the color of their skin, or the socioeconomic class they happened to be born into.  We have spent the last 40 years embracing and celebrating diversity within our firm in the hopes that this will carry through to our work, helping to impart the value of inclusivity onto the communities for whom we work.  We take our role within the communities for whom we work very seriously and are acutely aware of the role our business and industry play in creating real, meaningful equity and economic opportunities for the disenfranchised.  We pledge to continue our efforts in helping to be a part of the solution to ensuring better communities and bolder futures for all.