Get to know your “SCORE” in the time of COVID-19

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Given the economic impact COVID-19 has had on small businesses, it is understandable that the conversation surrounding resources is heavily focused on available funding.  And rightfully so as the ability to pay staff and rent are at the forefront of many small business owners’ minds.  But an equally important conversation to be had is one that focuses on the resources that present themselves in the form of programs and organizations offering guidance and education to small business owners.  Not only can these programs help navigate the world of loans and grants, they can also identify additional sources of funding and provide mentoring in challenging times like these.  One such program is SCORE.

The Service Corps of Retried Executives, now known as SCORE, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization funded via a congressional grant administered the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Founded in 1964, SCORE serves as a resource to small business owners and entrepreneurs all across the country, providing them with a wide range of services.  While most of the services offered are free, those that come with a fee do so at a minimal cost.  SCORE’s services are made available via the 10,000 plus volunteers currently participating in the program.  Services offered include:

  • Mentoring – SCORE currently has more than 250 local chapters where small business owners and entrepreneurs can receive business mentoring from experts in related industries.  This support is made available on an on-going basis, and can be delivered via phone, email, video, and in person.

  • Webinars & On-Demand Courses  – SCORE provides free online workshops covering a myriad of topics pertinent to small businesses.  These workshops can be viewed live or at a later time via on-demand.  Additionally, interactive courses are available to those looking to learn at their own pace.

  • Library of Online Resources – SCORE has compiled a vast collection of educational content and tools including blogs, videos, templates and much more.  This collection is made available in an effort to help guide small business owners and entrepreneurs down the path of success.

  • Events – The various local SCORE chapters offer in person workshops as well as discussion groups at little to no cost.  These events span a range of topics including ones like starting a business, growing your online presence, and building your brand.

In a direct response to help small business owners and entrepreneurs through COVID-19, SCORE has created a Coronavirus Small Business Resource Hub on their website.  Here visitors can find information on receiving remote mentoring, online workshops, and, events addressing the impact of COVID-19.  Some of SCORE’s upcoming webinars feature topics like:

For more information on SCORE, including finding a mentor or signing up for one of their upcoming workshops, visit their website at  Additionally, for COVID-19 related content, visit