From the Grocers to the Postal Workers to the Nurses and Doctors and So Many More…

thank you.jpg
thank you.jpg

To the grocery store workers dealing with theme park sized lines and panicked shoppers frustrated at the lack of toilet paper…thank you!

To the service members, police officers and firefighters who remain a stabilizing force for residents to look to for help…thank you!

To the EMTs, nurses and doctors who remain steadfast in their efforts to treat those who have contracted COVID-19, even at the risk of contracting it themselves…thank you!

To the pharmacists, childcare, public transit, and postal workers who show up every day to continue providing services that help us all maintain some sense of consistency at a time where inconsistency has become the norm…thank you!

And to so many more who play roles, large and small, in making our everyday lives a little easier at a time where most things are anything but…we say thank you!

We at RSG want to extend our deepest gratitude by sending a heartfelt thank you to all those still working to help keep things stable and safe in a time of uncertainty and fear.  You are all an integral part of the fabric of our society, helping to keep the calm in what has become a time of chaos.  And while it may not be said or demonstrated every day, we want to make sure that our gratitude to you and your contribution of service does not go unsaid.  To anyone reading this, next time you encounter one of the many working on the front lines to help maintain the normalcy we have come to expect, and now cherish so, be sure to take a moment to express your gratitude for all they do.