Partisan Preference in Community Development

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A study recently conducted by the Pew Research Center shed some interesting light on the preferences of community development as it pertains to partisan lines.  Participants of the American Trends Panel were asked a series of questions regarding preferences in the communities in which they reside.  And while it may not surprise you to find out that Republicans and Democrats have differing views on preferences, it may surprise you to see just what the difference of opinion relates to.

When surveyed on the preference for housing sizes, proximity, and access to neighborhood amenities like schools, stores, and restaurants, 65% of Republicans stated that they preferred to live in larger houses, with less proximity to each other and even less proximity to neighborhood amenities.  In comparison, 58% of Democrats expressed a preference for living in houses that are smaller and in closer proximity to one another and neighborhood amenities.  Despite the study pointing out that these findings are similar to those reported in 2017, it is still a relevant topic given our current climate regarding community development and housing within the state.

While these findings present ongoing evidence of the general divide that exists between the two parties, there are glimpses of common ground.  When asked about how important it was for the community in which they live to be a sound place to raise children, both parties responses were in alignment, with 87% of Democrats and 92% of Republicans answering that this was somewhat to very important to them.  So perhaps all hope is not lost in the notion that one day these two parties may see eye to eye on factors that impact the livelihood of our communities.

The findings of this study are timely given election season being upon us.  So, we would be remiss not to remind you to get out there and vote.  With the state’s democratic primary just right around the corner next Tuesday, March 3, it is important that you make your voice heard by getting out there and voting for a candidate whom you feel supports the issues that matter to you.  Your vote can help shape the community in which you live and your ability to thrive within it.