SB 50: Nearing the End of the Road

SB 5o stock photo.jpg
SB 5o stock photo.jpg

Despite having failed again at passing the Senate this past Wednesday, SB 50 still has a slim chance of hope should it be able to garner three more votes by this Friday’s deadline. While this seems like a near impossible feat, Sen. Wiener and supporters of the bill remain optimistic and steadfast in their efforts to see this bill pass. 

Here are the key aspects of the bill as it exists today: 

  • Cities would have the opportunity to devise their own alternate housing plan that achieves the same outcomes of the plans proposed under the original version of the bill.  This development plan would need to be submitted for approval within (2) years of the bill passing, aim at cutting down on traffic, and dedicate a portion of larger developments for low-income units.

  • The bill’s original plan to do away with single family only zoning would remain in place, allowing for single family homes to convert to duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes without the barrier of locality.

  • The bill would implement a (5) year grace period for communities that identify with having a lack of resources or are susceptible to gentrification.

  • The bill would prohibit the concentration of housing development in low-income areas along with the demolition of renter occupied buildings.

A turn around in support for this bill by Friday seems highly unlikely but stranger things have happened.  While opponents of the bill may be celebrating the likelihood that it has reached the end of the road, supporters might say don’t count SB 50 out just yet…at least not until Friday.