RSG Solutions



Developed and refined a model for the projection of various local and state tax revenues as the result of the construction and completion of planned new developments in the cities of Lancaster, Santa Ana, Dana Point, Commerce, and Placentia.

Drafted the analysis and report on the economic impacts of various residential developments in the City of Santa Ana.

Helped to map the potential boundaries of a planned CRIA in the Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA) and to develop the CRIA’s political and financial feasibility including the projection of revenues.


Currently helping the City of Santa Ana in assessing the implementation of their Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) goals in the approval of various housing projects.

Helped draft statutory reports for Housing Successor Agencies in Pleasant Hill, Oroville, Chula Vista, and Coalinga, while analyzing their compliance with provisions of the Redevelopment Dissolution Act.

Assisted in analyzing the compliance of affordable housing properties in the Cities of Lake Forest, Pleasant Hill, and Victorville.

Helped draft a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Housing Successor Agency of the City of Merced to aid them in their disposition of several properties.

Analyzed the status of thousands of small landlords who own 5 or less properties in San Diego County in order to develop a rental assistance program to cover COVID-19 losses.

Created a neighborhood level GIS analysis of housing affordability for an anti-gentrification and economic development study that led to the creation of an ambitious inclusionary housing program for a low-income community in Los Angeles County.

Calculated the cost of an Affordable Housing property in the City of Carson from an analysis of existing housing.


Currently drafting and reviewing various municipal services in the West and Southwest regions of Orange County for OC LAFCO’s 2022 MSRs. Districts reviewed include Water, Sanitary, Recreation and Parks, Library Districts, a JPA, and Community Services Districts.

Currently drafting a model and report for a Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA) for the potential incorporation of the Mountain House Community Services District (CSD), inclusive of the analysis of Police, Fire, City Council, Public Works, Community Development, and all other major municipal services.

Analyzed the fiscal health and sustainability of the Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA) and its ability to pay off bond debt through the drafting of an extensive Verification and Continuing Disclosure Report.

Analyzed the fiscal health of the Successor Agencies of Parlier, Coalinga, and Oroville and their ability to pay off their bond debt and produced several Continuing Disclosure reports.

Developed a brand-new methodology using ArcGIS Pro, for refining and creating various Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities (DUCs) in the County of Riverside for the Riverside LAFCO MSR.

Developed an at-scale methodology using ArcGIS Pro, to create Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities (DUCs) in the entirety of California for CALAFCO, in order to assist low-resourced LAFCOs with their statutory requirements.

Produced a fiscal and tax impact brief on the effects of a large-scale multi-use development in Madison, Alabama.

Thoroughly audited and reconciled the Recognized Obligated Payment Schedule (ROPS) and corresponding cash balance data for the City of Parlier dating back to ROPS 1.

Used ArcGIS Pro to create shapefiles, analyze data, and produce a report on the effects of the City of Martinez annexing several regions within its Sphere of Influence.

Collected and analyzed data through ArcGIS to develop a Municipal Service Review for the Riverside County LAFCO.

Developed comparative construction costs and tax revenue impacts for a new and rare hotel development in the City of Chula Vista.

Updated a prior RSG fiscal impact analysis of a planned apartment complex in the City of Tustin to account for a lower construction cost and amount of units.

Produced multiple development cost estimates for redevelopment of underutilized properties in Los Angeles and Chula Vista.

Currently helping the Irvine Community Land Trust analyze their budget, assess new funding sources, and update their business plan.