RSG Solutions

What I love About Work

“I enjoy problem solving and working with people who make things happen to improve their community. Seeing a project that I worked on come to fruition is very exciting. I can say, ‘I helped make that happen!'”



Prepared a Grocery Store Feasibility Study for the City of Firebaugh analyzing the feasibility of various store formats and completing revenue projections for development of a grocery store.

Assisted the City of El Cajon with financial impact analysis of a specific plan that would intensify uses in a downtown region. 

Assisted the Innovate78 leadership group determine the forward direction and measurable outcomes expected from the regional collaborative by designing and preparing a facilitation workshop.


Performed relocation activities for residential, commercial, and industrial tenants in the cities of Carson, Coronado, La Quinta, and Lake Forest, Orange County, and the Friendship Shelter, Faring, and Pathways of Hope. Interviewed tenants, drafted or reviewed relocation plans, assisted tenants with finding new units, and processed relocation claims.

Advised on and administered rent stabilization programs and policies, including engagements with the cities of Escondido, Palmdale, and Santa Ana, and currently providing services to San Jose and Pico Rivera.

Provided interim staffing services for the City of Carson, acting as the Interim Housing Program Manager for the City’s mobilehome rent control program.

Assisted City of El Monte staff and legal counsel in administering the City’s mobilehome rent control program by conducting the detailed analysis required to process fair return rent increase applications submitted by a mobilehome park owner.

Conducted affordable housing underwriting and technical reviews for the County of San Diego, for multiple projects including a variety of funding sources such as NPLH, VASH, PBV, HOME, and LIHTC.  Analysis also included reviewing developer capacity and evaluating refinancing requests as needed.

Conducted a market study for the County of San Diego to determine if a senior affordable housing development would make sense in a rural San Diego County location.

Provided multiple affordable housing services to the County of Orange, including underwriting and subsidy layering analyses, annual reporting and compliance, and updates to policies and procedures for the HOME, ESG, CoC and CDBG programs.

Negotiate development, affordable housing, and loan agreements between public agencies and housing developers, most recently in Orange County, Pinole, Merced, and Murrieta.

Evaluated affordable housing refinance and re-syndication requests for Avalon, El Cajon, Inglewood, La Palma, Merced, and Murrieta.

Assisted the County of San Diego with establishing an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) subsidy program. Analysis included researching ADU subsidy programs in comparable jurisdictions and assessing demand in the County for ADU development.

Assisted with the preparation of a commercial (non-residential) affordable housing nexus study and commercial impact fee analysis for the City of Santa Monica. Also prepared a residential nexus study for the City of Agoura Hills and assisted San Carlos with BMR Ordinance implementation activities.

Oversaw inclusionary housing and in-lieu fee studies in the cities of Montclair, Merced, and Lompoc. Montclair is considering adopting their first inclusionary housing ordinance and in-lieu fee based on the analysis and recommendations prepared by RSG.

Prepared Element Annual Progress Reports, Housing Authority Annual Reports, Housing Successor Annual Reports for various local governments.  Also helped evaluate No Net Less and make findings required by Senate Bill 166.

Prepare strategies to spend affordable housing funds and leverage properties based on community needs and legal requirements.  Including how existing resources could help make progress towards RHNA requirements and Housing Element goals.  Implement strategies by issuing Requests for Proposals, Notices of Funding Availability or direct property marketing, most recently in the cities of Lake Forest, Merced, Murrieta, Norco, Pinole and Tulare.  Ensure proposals meet legal requirements tied to funding sources and properties, such as Senate Bill 341 and LIHTC. Activities also included presenting findings to decision makers.

Conducted a low and moderate housing income analysis for the closure of a mobile home park in Carson.

Evaluated a developer’s request to refinance a conventional loan and amend controlling documents for the Monte Vista I affordable housing project in the City of Murrieta which helped the Housing Authority achieve its goals while meeting legal requirements.

Assisted affordable housing developers with identifying potential project funding sources and analyzing the competitiveness of their proposed project. 

Assisted the County of San Diego in developing a rental assistance program during the COVID-19 pandemic for residential landlords.

Evaluate developer requests to subordinate City loans and affordable housing agreements, most recently in El Monte.

Analyzed the financial capacity of a developer receiving gap financing from the County of San Diego. The analysis included reviewing the developer’s audited financials and assessing the developer’s financial health and capacity using various industry benchmarks.

Assisted with drafting a memorandum for the County of Orange on the technical requirements for the creation of an emergency rental assistance program funded by the CARES Act CDBG-CV3 and Federal Treasury.


Lead property disposition efforts for city-owned properties, including those subjects to surplus lands, housing successor, and redevelopment dissolution requirements.  Advise on navigating multiple complex legal requirements while listing properties for sale, soliciting offers, and negotiating sales agreements.  Currently assisting Merced, Murrieta, Pinole, and Tulare in such efforts.  The sales have culminated in both market rate and affordable housing projects, as well as commercial projects to meet economic development goals.

Assisted the Palmdale Housing Authority with the purchase of a property proposed to be developed with affordable housing.


Assisted the Irvine Community Land Trust with the preparation of a long-term financial forecast and business plan update. With the update of the business plan, helped ICLT apply for grant funding.

Conducted an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) and Community Revitalization and Investment Area (CRIA) feasibility studies for Avalon and El Monte. Determined financial feasibility to complete desired projects. Identified the pros and cons of financing alternatives to reach overall goals.

Worked with the City of Carlsbad’s Public Works Department to help them succinctly, clearly, and consistently characterize and describe each subdivision’s day-to-day business activities around defined lines of business and core services.

Analyzed the City of Carlsbad’s levels of custodial services at City facilities, compared the City’s levels of service to both industry standards and the levels of service provided in peer cities, and provided recommendations to the Public Works Department on improving custodial services.

Projected city revenues that would be generated by a proposed 535-acre development along the City of Chula Vista’s bayfront including parks and open spaces, restaurant and retail space, mixed use commercial space, and over 2,800 hotel rooms to determine the financial feasibility of the City issuing long-term debt to finance a portion of the construction.

Assisted the City of Los Angeles with determining development costs, feasibility, gap, and fiscal and economic impacts of various proposed projects.

Assisted the County of San Bernardino with the calculation of complex tax sharing agreements and statutory pass-through payments as part of the redevelopment dissolution process.

Served as Fiscal Consultant for multiple bond refundings throughout California, most recently in Galt, Apple Valley, Murrieta, and Tulare. Analyze past trends and projected revenues to determine ability to make bond debt service payments. Informed by expert knowledge of how taxes are distributed to government agencies.

Prepared multiple bond continuing disclosure reports for the Cities of Camarillo, Atwater, Tulare, El Monte and the Counties of San Diego and Orange.

Worked on multiple redevelopment plan feasibility studies, adoptions, and amendments prior to redevelopment dissolution.

Has consulted over 20 successor agencies throughout California with redevelopment dissolution activities. Prepares ROPS, administrative budgets, cash flow projections, and property disposition documents. Regularly consults with State, County, and taxing agencies on behalf of Successor Agencies and Oversight Boards.

Oversaw a multi-year cash balance reconciliation for the City of Hemet Successor Agency. Assisted with compliance and reporting related to the expenditure of America Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) for the Cities of Tulare, Fillmore, and Merced.