RSG Solutions



Collected information from City budgets and financial statements and tax roll data in order to understand and support City service providers.


Reviewed Tenant Income Certifications forms, supporting income documentation, and state and federal income and rent limits to ensure affordable housing properties are in compliance with state and federal law.

Prepared desk monitoring notices to help clients fulfill their regulatory and compliance monitoring obligations for affordable housing projects.

Reviewed clients’ financial statements as related to their affordable housing projects to help ensure they comply with state and federal law.

Used ArcGIS Pro to identify available vacant land for development in the City of Montclair, and to help create an effective fee structure for inclusionary housing.

Created summaries of covenants and agreements for affordable housing projects in order to ensure projects meet their compliance requirements.

Conducted physical unit inspections, common area inspections, and tenant file audits to ensure that affordable properties remain in compliance with state and federal affordable housing requirements.

Researched and reviewed local municipal codes and zoning codes in order to support the creation of or updates to new inclusionary housing ordinances in the City of Jurupa Valley and the City of Montclair.

Researched innovative housing policies in Southern California jurisdictions in order to support the development of such policies in the County of San Diego.


Researched the impacts of prevailing wages and a project labor agreements on development feasibility for the proposed West LA Civic Center Courthouse redevelopment project.


Analyzed clients’ financial statements and budgets in order to provide a fiscal impact analysis of reorganization for the San Bernardino LAFCO.

Analyzed tax roll data and collaborated with a variety of agencies to determine the potential impacts, both financial and governmental, of annexation in the City of Huntington Beach. Included using ArcGIS Pro to identify oil extraction sites in the City of Huntington Beach in order to determine potential oil revenues for the City in the event of annexation of Bolsa Chica.

Analyzed Municipal Service Reviews (MSR) to understand prior determinations and identify determinations of interest. Analyzed City budget documents and tax roll data to determine the potential impacts, both financial and governmental, of annexation in the City of Martinez.