RSG Solutions



Currently working on the City of Menifee Incubator analysis to determine if there is a need for an incubator and if so, assist with Economic Development Administration (EDA) application development and submittal.

Currently working with the City of Menifee and a developer to explore creating a brewery hub development. This will serve as a hub for other similar businesses and support surrounding businesses.

Assisted with the City of Corona Economic Development Strategy creation.


Assisted with the Merced Council of Governments review of Regional Housing Trust Funds and Housing Consortiums. This will assist the agency with determining the best past forward to support affordable housing efforts.


Oversaw the development of a fiscal analysis for the San Diego Port Authority to determine costs associated with the development of two hotels and a Top Golf facility and the appropriate assessments to be paid be each.

Relevant pre-RSG

Key architect of a five-city economic development initiative called Innovate 78. This initiative involved bringing together five cities to create a brand strategy/marketing plan and an annual program of work. Although councils and staff have changed and the program of work, we’ve been able to maintain the partnership for over eight years.

Created the nation’s largest craft brew cluster. Identified this emerging industry prior to its emergence and worked with them to grow and expand. This included multiple city code changes, community input, law enforcement input and council support.

Revitalized a historic downtown and took it from an inactive environment to one that has become the community’s heart and soul. This is now a very active environment with restaurants, breweries, wineries, retail stores and live entertainment.

Negotiated the sale, lease, and purchase of multiple properties. These transactions facilitated developments, improvements, and beneficial structural changes for the community.

Grew an industrial park from 7,000,000 square feet to one that now has 14,000,000 square feet.

Spearheaded the development, adoption, and implementation of two City economic development strategic plans.

Managed and oversaw numerous code changes to facilitate development, business attraction, economic development, and redevelopment activities.

Spearheaded marketing, promotions, and advertising efforts for a city and their business community.

Served as city businesses ombudsman which on many occasions included ombudsman’s actives which included residents and other government agencies. Most if not all efforts addressed, were brought to a positive and successful conclusion.

Developed and implemented all COVID-19 economic recovery plans and economic development related American Recue Plan Act (ARPA) programs.

Created, oversaw, and presented to Council, a City-wide goal tracking and reporting process which occurred on semiannual basis.