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What I love About Work

“I’m driven to help local government capitalize on community development opportunities. The work is not static. I enjoy adapting my style, pace and approach to the specific needs of my clients and their communities.”



Designed and oversaw a feasibility study for a shared kitchen incubator project sponsored by the City of Los Angeles which included market analysis and operational studies of similar projects across the country.

Structured analyses to negotiated terms and conditions for community benefit agreements between private developers of life sciences, hotel, office, and retail projects to stem the impacts of gentrification in Los Angeles and San Carlos.

Led the preparation of economic development strategies for the cities of Corona, Carlsbad, South Gate, Irwindale, Belmont, Santa Ana, Pico Rivera, Oroville, Westminster, Temple City, San Marcos, and La Quinta and the nonprofit ERC.


Oversaw acquisition and disposition of housing authority and housing successor assets in South Gate, including the surplus land act purchase of a 1-acre site from the LA County Office of Education.

Negotiated terms and conditions for the redevelopment of affordable housing infill projects in South Gate, Pleasant Hill, Goleta, and San Carlos.

Managed the creation of affordable housing policies to guide the implementation of density bonus, inclusionary, development agreement and other affordable housing projects in three cities.

Prepared a white paper on South San Francisco Rent Burden and Eviction Risk to inform City policies and funding allocations for rental and landlord assistance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Identified the potential number of local renters at risk of eviction based on an evaluation of housing cost burden, regional eviction and unemployment trends, and interviews with local services providers. Made recommendations for an overall budget and rental assistance limit per household after taking County, Federal, and State rental assistance laws and programs into consideration.

Reviewed, evaluated, and scored developer applications submitted in response to the City of Stockton’s Notice of Funding Availability. RSG rated applications based on criteria outlined by City staff, including developer’s secured funding sources, the NOFA funding request, financing and leverage, project readiness, unit affordability and mix, cost per unit, development density, developer experience, and consistency with the City’s housing objectives.

On behalf of the Baldwin Park Housing Successor Agency, evaluated a request to award a $1.4 million loan to San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity to develop 12 affordable ownership units. Determined the loan amount was reasonable based on a review of a development pro forma and site plan. Estimated construction costs, other proposed financial sources, the projected sales price of the homes, and affordable housing costs were taken into consideration.


Evaluated development proposals for the acquisition and development on behalf of the City and County of Los Angeles for the mixed used, mixed income redevelopment of the West LA Courthouse and Civic Center.

Led acquisition, financing, and redevelopment of a 4-acre Brownfield in San Carlos resulting in development of a 200-room upper midscale hotel and a 120% internal rate of return on the City’s investment.

Analyzed and developed deal terms for a disposition and development agreement for a public-private partnership of a $70 million mixed use project in downtown San Carlos.

Led marketing efforts for the disposition of several industrial and commercial properties in the City of Irwindale, resulting in the entitlement of over 1 million square feet of new uses in the City.

Vetted equity investor and developer qualifications for the resurrection of the stalled reopening of the Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage to be opened in May 2014.


Prepared fiscal impact analysis for several annexations proposals within city SOIs, including Martinez, San Carlos, Huntington Beach, and Belmont.

Served as engagement manager for the most recent incorporation comprehensive fiscal analysis (Olympic Valley, Placer County) in which RSG’s work withstood substantial public scrutiny, including DOF review.

Prepared the 2020 Municipal Services Review and SOI Update for the Consolidated Fire Protection District of Los Angeles County, the largest special district in California, for LA LAFCO.

Led the preparation of a MSR for the 28 cities in Riverside County, provided MSR and SOI updates for 13 cities and 12 special districts for Orange County LAFCO, and provided MSR and SOI updates for 4 cities for LA LAFCO.

Analyzed and developed framework for a subvention agreement between the City of Los Angeles and Westfield for development of a $350 million destination lifestyle center in west San Fernando Valley.

Completed an Economic Impact Analysis report for the Big Bear Airport analyzing the Airport’s impact on businesses in and around Big Bear.

Led review of assessment forecast methodology undertaken by the Los Angeles County Auditor Controller’s office, as well as a follow-up review of reassessment methodology.

Conducted an LA Pride Festival Fiscal Impact Peer Review for the City of West Hollywood.