RSG Solutions



Helped create policy to establish a framework for negotiations between the City of Belmont and developers for Community Benefits Agreements, with a focus on mitigating potential adverse effects resulting from development and serving the local community.

Collaborated on negotiating deal points and drafting term sheets for development agreements in the City of San Carlos. Formulated community benefit contributions in alignment with feasibility and local priorities.

Evaluated the feasibility of a business incubator for the City of Menifee, which included researching existing incubator models and funding, interviewing comparable business incubators, and surveying the community for interest.

Contributed to a feasibility study that evaluated the practicality and advantages of launching a regional housing trust fund in Merced County. Conducted interviews with established housing trust fund leaders to enrich policy and source document research.

Assisted the City of Jurupa Valley in negotiating community benefits for upcoming multi-use specific plan development projects. Analyzed the constructions costs and potential profit of the developer’s specific plans in order to make recommendations for an adequate provision for development impacts while still encouraging new development in the region.


Conducted property research for property acquisition efforts in San Mateo County, analyzing parcels within a targeted area, applying criteria including size and frontage, contacting brokers with an aim to secure favorable property purchases.

Worked with the City of South Gate on the disposition of a surplus property by providing a notice of availability to local public entities and housing sponsors and assisting in good faith negotiations.

Provided commercial relocation services for the City of South Gate by facilitating relocation meetings and conducting comparable replacement unit research.


Reviewed developer plans submitted to the County of San Diego for funding opportunities and land disposition by doing due diligence of construction costs, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and contributing to the evaluation of competing projects.

Assisted in a relocation project in Fullerton by translating notices and live-translating community meetings for residents whose preferred language is Spanish.

Assisted in a relocation project in Solana Beach by conducting interviews with tenants to accurately assess their needs and preferences. Helped search for replacement housing and explain details, timelines, and logistics to households being relocated.

Performed on-site inspections of affordable housing units to ensure healthy living standards for apartments in the cities of Huntington Beach, Westminster, Hemet, and Victorville.

Provided relocation assistance to residents of a 225-space mobile home park in the City of Carson by compiling tailored Zillow listings aligning with residents’ criteria and preferences and verifying household incomes for the provision of benefits to eligible residents.


Prepared Annual Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule Reports (ROPS) for the Cities of San Juan Capistrano and Hesperia, which included auditing financial records and ensuring accurate bookkeeping.