RSG Solutions



Completed an economic and market analysis for the City of Carlsbad’s comprehensive General Plan update that sought to understand projected changes in job, economic base, retail, shopping, hotel and tourism, and business climate trends over a 30-year period.

Evaluated the feasibility of a culinary business incubator for the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department that considered various business operating structures and subsidies for low-income entrepreneurs.

Worked with the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department to conduct market research, evaluate financial feasibility, and make recommendations for a culinary arts and food business incubator program in the Pacoima Neighborhood. RSG’s study outlined the pros and cons of three common food incubator operating models, provided a five-step implementation plan to take the food incubator from operator selection through operations, detailed operator business plan evaluation criteria, identified key considerations for programming, and outlined factors likely to affect overall feasibility.

Developed a methodology for estimating the impacts of prevailing wage requirements on overall development feasibility for the LA Civic Center Courthouse redevelopment project.

Studied jobs generation, labor income, value added, and economic output, collectively known as economic impacts, for the Big Bear Airport District. RSG’s conclusions identified economic impacts at the airport, in the community as a result of airport operations, and induced consumer and business spending by the airport and its direct employees.


Prepared inclusionary housing studies for the cities of Jurupa Valley, Montclair, and Merced. The studies included the quantification of maximum supportable in-lieu fees based on proposed inclusionary housing policy frameworks and analysis of maximum feasible in-lieu fees for market-rate housing developers.

Conducted HOME subsidy layering analyses in conjunction with neighborhood standards reviews for the County of Orange Department of Housing and Community Development that demonstrated the necessity of the subsidy for the rehabilitation and development of affordable housing.

Analyzed and made recommendations for affordable housing programs and resources of the City of Norco’s Housing Successor Agency based on recent legislative changes, local demographics, supportable monthly housing costs, future RHNA allocation, existing housing assets, and excess surplus projections.

Prepared initial feasibility analyses and market research in support of the preparation and justification of South Gate’s inclusionary housing ordinance. In June 2019, the South Gate City Council directed staff and RSG to prepare an ordinance and fee for consideration.

Provided nexus study analysis in support of Santa Monica’s commercial linkage fee in 2014, finding a relationship between the fees assessed on new commercial construction and the development gap on affordable housing. The Santa Monica City Council adopted the affordable housing commercial linkage fee program in June 2015.

Provided relocation services according to State and Federal law to commercial tenants in the City of San Carlos and residential tenants in the City of La Quinta. Assisted the City of San Carlos with non-residential relocation during the course of a new hotel development. On behalf of the City of La Quinta, led informational meetings and relocation services in concert with a residential rehabilitation project.

Completed an underwriting review of affordable housing development proposal in response to the County of San Diego’s Grantville Request for Proposals. The underwriting review included development plan review, construction cost estimating, pro forma analysis, and preparation of a summary memorandum, designed to aid the County of San Diego in identifying the optimal development of the Grantville opportunity site.


Prepared feasibility analyses for the proposed development of 1,360 housing units, retail, public facilities, and government offices on behalf of the City and County joint development team led by the Los Angeles Department of Economic Opportunity.

Evaluated the proposed ground lease structure and financial returns for each landowner.

Completed community benefits analyses for two large-scale specific plans in Jurupa Valley, including single and multi-family housing, retail, office, industrial, and public uses to assist the City of Jurupa Valley in negotiation of development agreements.

Formulated objective criteria for analyzing and negotiating community benefit agreements between the City of San Carlos and developers of large infill redevelopment projects, including conducting a market analysis of investment and real estate trends in that sector.

Conducted a comprehensive assessment of a proposed hotel incentive agreement for the City of Los Angeles and a major developer, including evaluation of the fiscal impacts (revenues and expenditures) as well as employment and other economic impacts.

Assisted the City of San Carlos with feasibility analyses and redevelopment of industrial and commercial space ultimately resulting in a 200-room midscale hotel at the City’s Landmark site.

Analyzed the financial feasibility, and fiscal and economic impacts associated with the proposed development of the 600,000 square foot Westfield Topanga regional mall on behalf of the City of Los Angeles.

Led and managed the acquisition of a 1-acre surplus property with a dilapidated building for redevelopment by the South Gate Housing Authority. The acquisition included site programming and feasibility analysis.

Reviewed and analyzed a housing developer’s pro forma and financing proposal to extend existing affordable housing covenants and fund the rehabilitation and future operation of a non-contiguous multi-family housing project for the City of Avalon.

Prepared underwriting analyses for County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency’s Innovative Housing Trust Fund resulting in rehabilitation of existing units and development of new affordable housing units.

Evaluated developer proposals for the construction and operation of a new senior housing project located in Ramona, California on land owned by the County of San Diego. RSG’s evaluation included independent review of construction costs, funding sources, and cash flow for each proposed project to support developer selection and land disposition.

Reviewed, evaluated, and scored developer applications submitted in response to the City of Stockton’s Notice of Funding Availability. RSG rated applications based on criteria outlined by City staff, including developer’s secured funding sources, the NOFA funding request, financing and leverage, project readiness, unit affordability and mix, cost per unit, development density, developer experience, and consistency with the City’s housing objectives.


Reviewed Burbank Housing Corporation’s (“BHC”) asset portfolio and liabilities, including detailed payment forecasts for loans with terms extending past the year 2100. RSG’s conclusions included nine recommendations for debt restructuring that would improve the long-term viability of the Burbank Housing Corporation and preserve affordable housing for the next generation.

Developed a methodology for a Municipal Service Review for the Los Angeles Local Agency Formation Commission that sought to inform service and sphere of influence recommendations for a joint sphere of influence between the cities of Whittier and La Mirada.

Assisted Riverside LAFCO with a municipal services review for the 28 cities in Riverside County. RSG’s study included a focused review of the most rapidly growing region in California, and included thorough municipal service review determinations and sphere of influence recommendations. 

Provided detailed fiscal impact analysis and advisory services for the proposed Bolsa Chica Annexation by the City of Huntington Beach. The analysis included estimated fiscal impacts associated with existing environmental issues in the Bolsa Chica wetlands, including ongoing oil extraction operations and impending threat of sea-level rise.