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This year, the San Diego Housing Federation (SDHF) is celebrating Black History Month by showcasing a collection of individuals who are working towards a more equitable San Diego. These leaders work to preserve affordable housing, provide services to residents, address policy change, and more. Among the trailblazers highlighted by SDHF is one of RSG’s own, Tara Matthews.

The San Diego Housing Federation serves as the collective voice of those who advocate for, build, and finance affordable housing in San Diego County. Initially formed with the goal of strengthening the local affordable housing development industry, the organization works to expand the knowledge and influence of the affordable housing development community.

In 2018, RSG Principal Tara Matthews joined the San Diego Housing Federation Policy Committee. Through her contribution to the organization, Tara assists in the development and implementation of policies that cover a variety of topics from affordable housing in San Diego to local and state legislation.

When asked about the legacy she hopes to leave behind, Tara answered: 

“I show up every day to defend the basic human right of housing for those less fortunate. I have dedicated my career to serving my community and the public, and so advancing the legacy passed down to me by my parents.”

Tara exemplifies RSG’s passion for improving California communities. From committee membership to positions of leadership, RSG continues to find new ways to help surrounding areas through participation in professional organizations.