RSG Solutions

August 17, 2021

By Rosa Romero, Associate

As part of RSG’s compliance monitoring services, we help communities meet health and safety standards through physical inspections of tenant units. RSG is the voice for tenants who may not be aware of their path to a healthy unit. Our clients place a high trust on RSG to bring assurance back to all parties involved and awareness of compliance at the same time.

For physical inspections prior to COVID-19, RSG connected with the property management firm to walk through the common areas of a project and take in a fair assessment of the area. Next, our team partnered with onsite staff to conduct physical inspections of a random selection of units that were given at least a 2-week notice. Our staff then carefully followed an inspection checklist for each section of the unit including living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and other miscellaneous areas of the unit’s interior. Our guidance based on health and safety standards helped determine whether the unit passed or failed compliance. RSG works diligently with any findings issued and has successfully turned non-compliant units back into compliance.

Given the situation with COVID-19 and it’s unfolding news changing daily, RSG has had to pause the physical inspection of units and is closely tracking the guidance from major monitoring agencies such as CTCAC and HOME. However, RSG is simultaneously preparing for when the time is right to return to physical inspections. It’s essential to RSG to be responsible and keep our staff and others involved safe. When the time comes, RSG intends to follow safety procedures for personal protective equipment such as wearing face masks, face shields, a pair of gloves, and using hand sanitizer. RSG will also implement other recommended CDC guidelines on maintaining social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing. RSG does not intend to lose the connection we had with our communities prior to COVID-19; therefore, it’s important to effectively collaborate to strive for a safe return.