RSG Solutions

February 29, 2024

As the affordability gap in California continues to widen, jurisdictions are actively seeking innovative ways to preserve and create housing. Across the state, many local governments are enhancing their tenant protection and rent stabilization ordinances to surpass state requirements. In the face of this pressing housing crisis, the debate between tenant and landlord interests has become highly charged.

Is your jurisdiction considering the implementation of a tenant protection or rent stabilization program to navigate the complexities of the housing landscape? While these measures can address the immediate crisis of affordability, they are not a panacea for the long-term challenges rooted in inadequate housing supply.

Enter RSG – Your Trusted Partner in Evaluating and Implementing Solutions:

Concord: When faced with community advocates urging City Council action on a rent stabilization program, Concord enlisted RSG’s expertise. We conducted comprehensive research on jurisdictions with similar programs, engaged in community meetings with tenants and landlords, and presented various program parameters to the City Council. Our tailored approach empowered the community to make informed decisions.

Corona: Corona approached RSG to delve into the local mobile home housing market to determine if there was a legitimate government interest to adopt a mobile home park rent stabilization ordinance.  Through meticulous research and data analysis, we provided insights into space rents, gathered feedback from park owners, and engaged with park residents. Our findings guided the City Council in determining whether a mobile home park rent stabilization ordinance or other alternatives best met the needs of the community.

San Jose: In an effort to evaluate and enhance their Rent Stabilization Program, San Jose turned to RSG. Our team analyzed demographic and housing trends, conducted community engagement workshops with property owners and tenants, and gathered valuable insights. The data-driven approach culminated in a 3-year Strategic Plan, ensuring the program aligns with the city’s goals.

Partner with RSG for Expert Guidance:

RSG has a proven track record of assisting jurisdictions in navigating the complexities of tenant protection and rent stabilization programs. Our tailored approach, combining research, community engagement, and data analysis, empowers local governments to make informed decisions and design effective, measurable solutions for their communities.

Make a lasting impact on your community’s housing landscape – choose RSG as your strategic partner in determining if creating a sustainable and impactful tenant protection and rent stabilization program is right for you.