RSG Solutions

August 4, 2023

By Dianna Dunne-Vecchio, Content Writer and Marketing Manager

Wesley Smith, Senior Analyst, sat in our “hot seat” for this month’s Employee Spotlight! He filled us in on what guided him to RSG, some of his favorite parts about supporting local governments, and what piques his interest when he’s away from his desk.

Over his four years here, Wesley has felt grateful for the opportunity to put his education into practice. Joining RSG was a natural progression from academia to professional work since what he learned during his USC master’s program in public policy was a perfect fit with the type of work we do at RSG. This being his first full-time job, it’s been an exceptional learning experience for Wesley that allows him to adapt, grow, and build upon his skillset. Wesley has helped develop his knowledge of state housing laws and enhanced his proficiency in property tax analysis, GIS mapping, and qualitative writing.

“My favorite kind of work at RSG typically involves fiscal and financial studies. Quantifiable impacts on local governments help me feel like my work matters. I strive to support and create communities that understand interconnectedness and the value that diligent planning and policy brings to complex issues.”

Outside of work, Wesley dives into his own historical and sports research (usually basketball). His biggest hobby recently has been genealogical research using DNA. Ultimately, he enjoys resting and taking a walk every now and then. Can’t beat some good R&R!

Wesley’s analytical, statistical, and geospatial skills are an integral part of how we support our clients in pursuing opportunities for growth and prosperity. We love seeing Wesley continue to charge ahead with confidence and grace!