RSG Solutions


We value creativity, diversity, and equality in our workspace and in the communities we serve.

At RSG we are proud of our 40 year history serving vulnerable populations through our community development consulting practice. In partnership with our public sector clients, particularly those taking an honest assessment at the equity and economic justice issues in African-American, Latinx and other historically disenfranchised communities, RSG’s economic and community development services to cities and counties are in high demand, requiring top talent in the industry to assist us as we grow. We are proud to serve communities rich in diversity. Representation on our team and in our leadership is of highest value. 

For over 40 years, RSG has been a leading redevelopment and community development consulting firm, working with well over 100 cities and counties each year, to build and implement strategies around housing, economic development, real estate, and fiscal health. We are ignited by creative solutions, and honored to collaborate with the communities we work with. 

RSG helps the people responsible for the vitality of communities take ideas from inception to commercialization. We thrive on the adventure of sharing our experiences and revel in the reward of raising the physical, economic, and social capital of communities. 

As vanguards helping to define purpose and shape possibilities, RSG invests its knowledge, from four decades of experience, to inspire clients to envision bold futures and work collaboratively to build better communities.