RSG Solutions

Los Angeles

Following the passage of legislation in 2015 allowing California cities and counties to create Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs) to finance certain types of economic development projects, RSG collaborated with various departments of the City of Los Angeles to draft a policy document specifying how to form an EIFD in the City. RSG met with staff representing the Economic and Workforce Development Department, Mayor’s Office, City Administrative Officer, and Chief Legislative Analyst to present our recommendations on crafting the policy, as well as solicit feedback and input from each department. Ultimately, RSG prepared a detailed policy that reflects the City’s various goals and concerns. Using easy-to-read language and engaging graphics, the policy provides an overview of EIFDs, establishes the City’s approach to determine whether to form a proposed EIFD and whether to commit tax increment to an EIFD, and outlines the City’s procedures related to accepting and responding to requests to create an EIFD. 

In addition to writing the policy, RSG used assessed valuation and geographic data specific to the City to create a user-friendly Excel model that enables City staff to project the amount of tax increment that would be generated by a proposed EIFD. This tool assists staff in determining whether to proceed with a proposed EIFD.