RSG Solutions

July 20, 2023

By Jim Simon and Tara Matthews, Principals

Since our founding in 1979, RSG has been ignited by creative solutions and honored to collaborate with the communities we work with. This year, we’ve decided to make an exciting transition! To support our growing clients and workforce, RSG’s corporate address has relocated to 170 Eucalyptus Ave, Suite 200, Vista, CA 92084, and at the beginning of next year, we will be opening four hubs in California for our team — San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Corona.

This transition allows us to be embedded in the communities we’re serving. We couldn’t be happier to embrace this opportunity and keep moving RSG forward by adapting to a new hybrid work era that offers endless possibilities for growth. Continuing to best serve our clients and provide enhanced support to project stakeholders, from community members to project partners, is what we strive for. As community members ourselves, we’re inspired to provide a work environment where our staff enjoy their preferred work/life balance that aligns with our culture of team empowerment, trust, and engagement. At our four hubs, we will be collaborating as a team because we are as committed to developing our employees as we are to the health of the communities we serve.

Our people and partnerships make RSG who we are. Although we are changing locations, our dedication to uplifting and bettering communities to in turn achieve bolder futures never wavers. We look forward to the road ahead with you all!